Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I participate?

Let your primary care provider (PCP) know that you’re interested in the program and ask your PCP any questions. If your PCP has questions, please tell your PCP to contact reNewYou Ornish Lifestyle Medicine. You can also call us at 770-775-1779.

2. Ornish Lifestyle Medicine is basically common sense- why can’t a person just do this on their own?

True, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine relies on advice that physicians will tell their patients—eat healthy, exercise, relax, and avoid stress. However, only Ornish Lifestyle Medicine shows people how to make the comprehensive lifestyle changes required to bring this advice to their lives and make it work, day-in and day-out. The program teaches participants how to adhere to a plant-based nutrition plan, to exercise in ways that build strength and stamina without overtaxing them physically, to relax through specialized techniques, and to recognize and defuse stress. The Ornish team is truly the heart of the program as they offer support.

3. Why should someone participate when a bypass or angioplasty offers a faster solution?

A bypass or angioplasty is not an experience that people willingly undergo if there is a better alternative available. Secondly, in addition to the risks inherent in any surgical procedure, a bypass or angioplasty does not treat the underlying risk factors associated with heart disease — a diet high in fat, a sedentary lifestyle, or social isolation. If these root causes are not addressed, there is a significant chance that a bypass or angioplasty may turn out to be only a temporary solution. In fact, studies show that up to 50 percent of bypass recipients must undergo an additional bypass in five to seven years, while 30 to 50 percent of angioplasty recipients must repeat the procedure within six months. For people who are committed to changing their lives for the better and taking an active role in managing their own health, the Ornish Reversal Program can be the best decision they will ever make.

4. Will I still see my regular doctor?

Yes. Your doctor remains in charge of your care, including your medications. Program staff regularly communicates with your doctor so that you have a whole team working together for your care.

5. Is the Ornish Program/Intensive Cardiac Rehab a covered benefit of my insurance?

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine/Intensive Cardiac Rehab is covered by Medicare and many commercial payers. Please contact us to determine if the Ornish program is a covered benefit of your insurance provider, at 770-775-1779.

6. Am I eligible for the program?

If you have had a cardiac event or even have cardiac risk factors you may be eligible for this program.  Call us at 770-775-1779 or email us at to learn more.